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Project Closeout Checklist

Note:  The specification sections could vary depending on the CSI standard adhered to in the Project Manual. Owners are encouraged to commission their architects or construction managers to prepare such a close out checklist depending on the intricacies of the particular project. If you need one prepared for a project go to:

Actions by Contractor:

bulletTests and Certificates per 01340.
bulletRemoval of Temporary Facilities - 01500.
bulletFinal Cleaning 01710.
bulletClose Out Submittals 01780.
bulletProject Record Documents 00700, 01720 & 02810
bulletAs built drawings prepared by Contractor 01780.
bulletProduct Data.
bulletOperation Tests.
bulletO & M (Four copies of Mechanical and Electrical and two for others)
bulletExtra materials deliver prior to Substantial Completion.
bullet Pre-Final Project Review for majority of punch lists items when the subcontractors are still on the site 01780.
bullet Final Project Inspection Report once the Punch List items are completed 01780.
bullet Record Notice of Completion 01780.
bullet Controller Charts, Operation and Maintenance, Extra Tools and Equipment for Sprinkler Irrigation System at the time of Final Inspection 02810.
bullet Guarantee for Sprinkler Irrigation System for one year following filing of the Notice of Completion 02810.
bullet Final Inspection of Sprinkler Irrigation System once Record Drawings are received 02810.
bullet Landscape Maintenance Period for 90 days 02910.
bullet Guarantees Plant Material 90 days, 365 days for trees from Final Acceptance 02900.
bullet Warranty for 20 years on Bituminous Roofing 07511.
bullet Warranty for 10 years on Joint Sealers 07920.
bulletTools and maintenance instructions 08710.
bullet Extra Materials 5% of each color of paint prior to acceptance 09900.
bullet Test and balance report prior to Final Inspection 15990.
bullet County to issue Certificate of Substantial Completion which establishes the date GC 00700.
bullet Warranty 1 year from date of substantial completion GC 00700.
bullet Final Payment request within 20 days of the Substantial Completion 01010.

Actions By Project Manager:

bulletHandover the Closeout Submittal to the Owner or Facility Manager.
bulletWarranty management by the Owner or Facility Manager.
bulletRecord Notice of completion.


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