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Project Development Phase

bulletDefine scope of structural services
bulletAssist in determining responsibility for dimensions
bulletAssist in determining drawing standards and specifications format
bulletAssist in determining number of meetings and number of site visits
bulletNegotiate fees and payment schedule
bulletExecute contract

Schematic Design Plans

bulletAttend meetings
bulletEstablish structural design criteria
bulletPrepare studies of alternative structural systems
bulletAssist in selection of structural system
bulletProvide structural criteria for geographical consultant
bulletAssist in determining need for special studies

Design Development Phase

bulletAttend meetings
bulletPrepare preliminary foundation drawings
bulletPrepare preliminary structural design calculations
bulletPrepare preliminary framing layout drawings
bulletPrepare typical detail sheets
bulletIdentify pre-engineered structural elements
bulletPrepare or edit outline specifications for structural items
bulletAssist preparing preliminary opinion of cost of construction
bulletReview results of special studies
bulletCoordinate structural design with special design criteria
bulletSubmit design development documentation for approval

Contract Document Phase

bulletPrepare structural design of primary structural system
bulletDesignate elements to be designed by specialty engineers, and specify structural criteria for specialty engineers’ design of pre-engineered structural elements
bulletReview effect of secondary or non-structural elements attached to primary structural system
bulletAttend meetings
bulletAssist in coordination with building code officials
bulletComplete structural calculations
bulletComplete structural drawings
bulletPrepare or edit specifications for the primary structural system
bulletAssist in establishing testing and inspection requirements
bulletPerform checking and coordination of the structural documents

Construction Administration Phase

bulletBidding and award
bulletAssist in evaluating bidder’s qualifications
bulletProvide structural addenda and clarifications
bulletAssist in bid evaluation
bulletPre-construction services
bullet Attend meetings
bulletAssist in establishing communications procedures
bullet Assist in establishing testing and inspection procedures
bulletAssist in confirming submittal agency
bulletAssist in selection of testing procedures
bulletAdvise client and contractor regarding which structural elements require construction observation by SER
bulletRespond to building department and peer review comments
bulletSubmittal review
bulletReview special submittals for items designed by SER
bulletReview submittals for pre-engineered structural elements
bulletSite visits
bulletMake site visits at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction
bulletPrepare site visit reports
bulletMaterials testing and inspections
bulletReview testing and inspection reports
bulletInitiate appropriate action to those reports, if required


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