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All Apartments Lists homes in California.
Apartments iMove
ApartmentGuide Move
Cyberhomes : Comprehensive listing of homes. MoveCentral
DataQuick Information Services : DataQuick Information Services offers users a historical record of average home prices by ZIP Code. MSN HomeAdvisor - MSN HomeAdvisor is the Internet's most complete guide for finding homes and loans on the web. The site is designed to empower consumers to take control of the entire home buying process. 
FurnitureFind National Council of State Housing Agencies
HomeBuilder Newhomes: New homes in Southern California are listed by counties and cities within the counties. An outside view of the home is featured with the listing.
HomeStore New Home Search Systems : The site lists new homes under construction.Search homes by price and the home builder.
HomeFinder : Provides community demographics and school information. Owners : The site lists homes for sale by owner.
Homeseekers Relocation Central : The site offers links to city guides and other relocation services such as real estate agencies.
Homescout Rent : Comprehensive rental and relocation guide.
Househunt Realestateyahoo
Homestore Realhome
IOwn : Advice and resources on home buying information and links to websites for home listings. Realtor : The site is the largest listing of the homes for sale as it includes homes from well over 400 multiple listing services with over 1.3M listings.
IRED : International Real Estate Digest. Springstreet : Search over 6 million apartments in 6,000 US cities.
Internet Realty Network
Listinglink: Listing of numerous homes for sale.

For Sale by Owner

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Home Improvement and Inspection

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