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The American Association of Individual Investors

The American Stock Exchange

Annual Report Gallery : 500 annual reports of publicly traded corporations with links to the company home page.

Bank Interest Rate Monitor : The Bank Rate’s Infobank Monitor provides immediate access to the Bank Rate Monitor’s weekly survey of the deals on CDs, mortgage, home equity lines and loans, personal and car loans and credit card rates, for about 100 US cities.


BizWeb - Lists hundreds of companies indexed by product. 

Bloomberg Online : The site provides information about world stock indexes, currencies, and commodity futures. It also covers Financial news and insider trading.

CBS MarketWatch : This site offers financial news, quotes, charts, and IPO reports.

Chicago Board of Trade : One of the Chicago's two major futures and options exchanges, the Board of Trade deals in commodities such as agricultural products like corn and soybeans plus US treasury Bonds and the stocks of Dow Jones Industrial Average. The site features information for individual investors as well as seasoned traders.

Cable News Network (CNN) Financial News : Provides price information on stocks. Search by company name or ticker symbols. Access different company websites for detailed information such as quarterly or annual reports.


Day Traders On-Line : Stock tips, news quotes, charts and strategies for trading.

DRIP Central : A good site to begin search on companies that allow stockholders buy stocks through dividend-reinvestment plans.

Forbes Magazine

Fortune Investor : A ticker flashes a the top of the site with stock performance graphs, news and analyses. Provides links to Fortune articles.

FreeEdgar : Search public companies profiles that provide complete coverage of company information; stock quotes, internet addresses, business activities, press releases, and EDGAR filings.

Funds Interactive : This comprehensive site for mutual funds provides portfolio tracking, and interviews with money managers. There are also links to download helpful software tools.

Hoover's : The site features quite a collection of detailed company profiles. The site also has the latest on IPOs from Hoover's IPO Central site.

InfoBeat : If you would like to keep daily tabs on the stocks that you own, this site will e-mail you as often as every day any news on companies that you designate. Create your own list of a stock portfolio and the site will e-mail you the early closing bell prices when the markets close for the day.

Investorama : A good investment resource. There are over 7,000 site listed in 75 categories. Research your favorite stock and track its performance with charts.

Kiplinger Online : On this site check the latest news, get stock quotes, compare mutual funds and find out what it will take to become a millionaire using Kiplinger's calculator.

Merrill Lynch

Microsoft Investor : This site has many useful tools; such as portfolio manager, historic charts, market news; for an investor.

Money Magazine : The online magazine by publishers of money magazine provides insightful information to savvy consumers. The site provides individual stock quotes, information such as earning per share, price to earning ratio, dividend per share, 52 week High/Low, ask/bid price for your favorite stock.

Morningstar Mutual Funds : Tracks more than 1,700 mutual funds. Provides quotes, reports, fund screens and news on mutual funds.

The Motley Fool : Lots of information on stocks in plain English rather than Wall Street jargon. Sign up for Fool Watch, a free E-mail service that provides closing market prices each night.

The National Association of Investors Corp.(NAIC)

The National Association of Securities Dealers

Nasdaq Exchange : Provides recent price of Nasdaq stocks. The site lists highly traded stocks on the exchange. Also provides charts for up to last five years of price fluctuations with volumes of shares traded. Hot button takes you to EDGAR FILLINGS at SEC’s website for information on the publicly traded companies.

Netstock Direct

The New York Stock Exchange : Provides links to every listed company that has a website.

News.Com Investor : CNET and Bloomberg News offers quotes, charts, IPO information, analysts recommendation and information on insider trading.

Quicken Financial Network : The site provides information on subjects such as online banking, mortgage, taxes, savings, cutting debt, insurance, stock quotes and market news.

QuoteA good stock and fund quote service on the Internet. Quote lets you maintain a portfolio of up to 50 investments and sends a daily report by e-mail at the end of each day on their performance for a monthly subscription.

Research Magazine : This home page operated by the Research Magazine provides individual investors access to powerful stock-screening feature that can sort some 9000 stocks by 28 measures, including earning growth rates and share-price volatility. Screening is ideal if you are trying to find stocks that meet your investment style. For example you can list all companies whose profits are at say 30% a year or better and also have a P/E multiples of 20 or less.

Smith Barney

Security and Exchange Commission : The Security and Exchange Commission provides access to all the public information filled by publicly traded companies on the stock exchanges. Numerous information such as quarterly reports, annual reports etc. can be downloaded from this website.

Silicone Investor : Silicone investor has chat groups, news, trend watch (Quarterly best & worst) bull/bear survey and current quotes.

Smart Money : Stock and Bonds information.

Stock Research : Stock smart is atop site for stock research. It has a data base of about 7000 companies broken down in about 27 categories of major industries ranging from banking to utilities as well as 111 sub - industries such as saving and loan utility services. Also provides you with the top 50 largest institutional holders of the stock of your choice.

StockSelector : Provides stock comparisons, analyses and investment newsletters.

StockSite : Provides news and analyses also includes quotes and charts.

TechWeb : Provides news, stories, product and company reviews on technology stocks. Sign up for latest tech news updates via free E-mail.

TheStreet : Market news, company profiles, analyses and a bulletin board.

Wall Street City : A Stock ticker, market commentary and financial news.

Yahoo! Finance: This site provides company news and profiles, real-time quotes and investment analyses.


401k : The site by Fidelity Investment answers questions about company retirement plan 401k.


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